Golden Retriever Coat Maintenance

A Golden Retriever’s shiny coat is a signature part of what makes them such an iconic and lovable dog breed. Without a healthy coat, a Golden Retriever cannot be truly golden. Owning a Gold Retriever that has a healthy coat requires a proactive approach to your dog’s overall health and hygiene. A healthy coat and healthy fur are a sign of overall dog health and vitality, and there is no shortcuts to providing this for your pet.

The best way to promote a healthy coat on your Golden Retriever is from the inside out, providing a quality diet rich in Omega fatty acids. Dogs require a diet rich in these vitamins for healthy brain and heart function regardless, and a shiny coat is just an added benefit. Most dry-based dog foods provide the vitamins and minerals essential for your Golden Retriever to grow and maintain a healthy coat.

Brushing plays a large part in how a Golden Retriever’s coat grows in and how it will appear with added length. Golden Retrievers are bred from long-haired English dogs which require extensively more brushing, but its hair must be properly groomed to avoid matting and collection of dust/dirt. Some breeds of Golden Retriever have curlier coats than others, but all must be maintained with the same diligence. Brushing not only keeps a coat healthy, but many Golden Retrievers enjoy this process and being brushed by their owner.

Proper shampoo and keeping your dog’s coat clean is an integral part of fur health, but it doesn’t just stop there. A cream rinse or condition can be applied at the end of the bathing cycle to bring out the luster and sheen in a Golden Retriever’s shiny coat. It is also important to use preventative flea and tick shampoo to prevent your dog from biting or scratching which can easily damage a healthy coat.

If you suspect your Golden Retriever is not getting all of the vitamins they need from their food, or perhaps could use a boost in these essential ingredients, vitamin supplements are available. Some owners supplement their dog’s food with Fish Oil, Biotin, or other vitamin supplements to help their Golden Retriever establish a healthy coat from the inside out. Be sure to speak with your veterinarian before administering any additional vitamins or medicine to your dog’s diet. It is equally important to ensure you are procuring vitamins, supplements, and even food from reliable brands with a track record of safety and quality results.

Golden Retriever Dental Hygene

Dental health and hygiene are a key component of a Golden Retriever’s health and owners should be proactive about keeping their dog’s mouth clean and healthy. Dog saliva contains natural antibiotic properties to ensure healthy bacteria grow in the dog’s mouth and prevents plaque and tartar buildup. Because a Golden Retriever’s diet is significantly different from that of a human’s, they often have different types of plaque and tartar issues than humans, so it is important to employ a dental hygiene strategy for your Golden Retriever that is canine-specific.

It may seem silly, but Golden Retrievers need to have their teeth brushed just as humans do. Tartar and plaque can build up along the gum line and lead to gum disease and ever larger problems down the road. To brush a Golden Retriever’s teeth, be sure to use canine specific toothpaste, as human toothpaste contains ingredients that are toxic and may be harmful to your Golden Retriever. In addition to special dog toothpaste, which often contains dog friendly beef or chicken flavoring, owners may use a special dog toothbrush that pits over the fingertip, providing easier access and angles into your dog’s mouth. Owners may also use a piece of gauze and their fingertip to finger brush a dog’s teeth.

Dental chews are a great way to proactively manage your Golden Retriever’s dental health, not to mention a tasty treat for your furry friend. Dental chews are flavored to be favorable to dogs but also contain ingredients that scrub and neutralize plaque while a dog breaks down the stick. Similar to a rawhide bone, which for years was rumored to keep a dog’s dental health strong. In addition to reducing plaque and tartar in your Golden Retriever’s mouth, dental chews also contain ingredients to freshen your dog’s breath, making them even more friendly to family and guests.Be careful when selecting a dental crew, and try to avoid low-quality products that contain grain and gluten, as they may even be harmful to your dog’s teeth.

Similar to human’s teeth, Golden Retriever’s teeth do not respond well to sugar and grain byproducts building up in the mouth. It is important to consider your dog’s dental health when selecting their diet, ensuring food is made up mostly of natural products and does not have a high concentration of grain products. Discuss food options with your veterinarian or consult online resources to ensure the food you are purchasing for your Golden Retriever will help keep those pearly whites healthy and looking good.

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